Policy Issuance Portal
24/7 access to policy quotes make it easy for your clients to do business with you
pre-approved users can self issue policy documents or let smart underwriting logic forward for approval
use data from your existing system available to solution to enable renewals, endorsements, and certificates
track the requests for quotes, hit ratios , referral ratios , and referral acceptance rates
all solutions are template based with customizations you can modify via the administrators console
with our existing templates and platform tools your policy can be automated in days

Automate Rate Quote Bind Issue

Our web portal solutions allow public users, previously approved users and your internal staff to interact in the insurance transaction, including data capture, underwriting, risk qualification, rating, approval by your underwriting team, and ultimately a policy document in pdf format.

Data entered at each step flows to the next step and is used to generate email content, policy PDF documents and reports without any rekeying of data. At all times the available insurance options and ability to issue policies/certificates is restricted based on user permissions and roles

Our web solutions include smart routing and workflows. For instance a prospective client could self-issue and bind based on how they answer questions on the form and/or based on pre-approved authority.

If underwriter approval is required the solution can email the underwriter the request for insurance, the underwriter simply clicks the Allow button to release the policy to the client or the disallow button to start an email conversation with the prospect.

..process renewals, endorsements with full lintegration…

iBrokerWeb is able to maintain policy data either published from an existing policy management system to the web portal, or maintained automatically from bound business to eliminate re-keying of data. This allows users to self-maintain renewals, or to create certificates based on bound policies. As with all the solutions the permissions for these workflows is controlled by you.

Your web automation solution will feature our interface look and feel standards and any branding you may want to incorporate including your logo, corporate colours, etc.


All of the data and metrics in the web portal solution are available to administrators at your office to query and export to XL for further analysis and the creation of reports.

In addition you can track requests for quotes, hit ratios , referral ratios , and referral acceptance rates

Expand your reach

Do you want to grow your business by providing Web based access to policy quotes and issuance tools?

Allow your clients to access quotes from a web portal, self issue policies if underwriting rules allows, or refer to internal underwriting

Internal underwriters can approve policies with one click or start an email dialog with prospect

Renew it online

iBrokerWEB is a full policy management solution

It includes new business quoting, rating and data capture AND a full renewal and even endorsement processing facility

Our Clients Success

We have over a decade of experience helping our clients maintain web and traditional commercial policy rate, quote, bind, issue, track and renew capabilities.

We have seen and automated all types of commercial insurance.