Smart, practical and complete automation of commercial insurance programs

Online Insurance Integrated

iBrokerWeb is a template driven, zero programming platform that automates web based insurance quoting, issuance and related underwriter approval workflows. Solutions include policy application data capture, smart underwriting, pay and issue, self-service policy management. Portals for insurance certificate fulfillment, broker and business partners portfolio management and full automation of web appropriate insurance products.

  • Web forms based rating, underwriting, document generation
  • Rate, quote, bind and underwrite using the web
  • Portal to track metrics and self-configure the solution
  • Integrate with your existing policy management system
  • Key part of a complete full featured CRM system

Complete Commercial Program Automation

Online, in the office, or on the road, our complete Web, iBrokerDesktop, and iBroker360CRM commercial insurance solutions digitize all your workflows. Data entered once by your business partners, in-house, or remote services team flows from applications to issuance with business rules applied and metrics captured every step of the way.

  • No rekeying of data
  • Generate documents with one click
  • Automated workflows using action items and action plans
  • Email auto-filed in Outlook to centralized document eFile
  • Accounting, reporting, bordereauxs and compliance

Our Clients Success

Over 20 years of experience in all kinds of insurance at the company, MGA, and Broker level, from certificate issuance on master policies, to the most complex insurance product automation. We have seen it, worked with our customers and their business partners to automate it, and worked side by side with management, underwriters, and technical assistants to deliver complete end-to-end solutions.

  • Flexible, agile solutions
  • Data driven end-to-end solutions
  • Integration with your existing systems
  • Workflow automation
  • User maintainable